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World class technology coupled with exceptional professional expertise make the dream of hearing as close to natural hearing a reality. Trouble shooting the hearing aids to personalize to individual needs is an art.

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Voice Therapy

Voice is one's Asset. Voice can make or break careers and drastically affect one's quality of life. Voice Therapy is given for using ones voice optimally. It is advised for Professional users of voice like Singers, Disc Jockeys on radio stations, Teachers, Public Speakers, Actors, etc. Voice Therapy focuses on Vocal Hygiene and effective use of voice to prevent future Voice Disorders.

Voice therapy is given for patients with voice disorders like hoarseness, harshness or a nasal voice. A thorough ENT evaluation is done to assert the cause of the voice disorder. Voice therapy is given to patients with vocal nodules, unilateral or bilateral vocal fold paralysis, cleft palate and lip, etc.