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World class technology coupled with exceptional professional expertise make the dream of hearing as close to natural hearing a reality. Trouble shooting the hearing aids to personalize to individual needs is an art.

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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is given for a variety of Speech and Language Disorders. These disorders can range from delayed speech and language development, unclear speech, stammering, autism, congenital structural deformities, mental retardation, down’s syndrome, etc. Speech and language assessment is carried out with a detailed case history and child’s speech and language age is determined using speech and language norms. Pre requisites for speech and language development are assessed like attention, eye contact, response to name calling, recognition of objects and pictures, etc. Initial evaluation of speech and language is done over 2-3 sessions to appropriately chalk out a plan for action.

Speech therapy is also advised for some acquired language deficits due to stroke or paralysis. Patient is assessed for his current level of language expression and comprehension. Therapy goals are then set to ensure gradual progress of the client.

speech therapy

Group Speech Therapy

Hear Well Clinic offers periodic Group Speech Therapy sessions for enhancing interactive verbal communication. Children improve their confidence to speak up in their classrooms and group settings.

Workshop sessions


Hear Well Clinic conducts a variety of innovative workshops for its patients and parents on a regular basis. We understand the importance of parental involvement in speech and language stimulation at home. We conduct Parent Education workshops on a variety of topics ranging from understanding Autism, Attention Deficit Disorders, Early Identification of Hearing and Speech Disorders, techniques to improve attention and concentration to value of simply playing with your child. A variety of psychological topics to know your child mind and develop their self esteem and confidence are offered.

Workshop sessions

We understand the value of Holistic Wellness and its importance to maintain hearing and speech health. We believe that positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. We conduct Heal Your Life workshops based on Loiuse Hay philosophy. Yoga, Meditation and positive affirmations about yourself are the key to this philosophy.

Workshop sessions